What is TNR?
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What is TNR?

Hundreds of thousands of stray cats live on Sacramento’s streets. Some are friendly, but others have been on their own too long to go back to living with humans. They live in colonies, surviving as best they can. In the past, these unadoptable animals would often be caught and killed. But that’s not only cruel, it simply doesn’t work: more cats arrive to fill up the vacuum. So what can be done?

More and more municipalities, including Sacramento, now endorse “Trap, Neuter, Return,” or TNR. Neighborhood volunteers, aided by animal rescue organizations, trap the cats in a colony and have them neutered or spayed. They are then “eartipped” – the tip of one ear removed painlessly – for identification as part of a TNR colony. Young kittens and friendly animals are adopted out. The rest are returned to wherever they were found – often a backyard, building courtyard, park or alleyway. Volunteers “manage” the colony, ensuring that the cats are regularly fed and warm shelters provided. Because they are not reproducing, the colony will eventually reduce naturally.

Get Involved!

TNR works, but it depends on the efforts of volunteers. Rio Linda Feral Help Group members are involved in TNR work around Rio Linda, Elverta, and the northern Sacramento Area.



  • Hello, I work at Aramark Uniform Services at 1419 National Drive, Sacrament, CA 95834. We need help catching our colony of feral cats.

  • Hi I just moved to the Rio Linda area and am very passionate about cats. I want to start with TNR and want to know of any local groups that do this and how to get started. Any information can help 🙂

  • There are a large number of stray/feral cats on my street.
    One night, in February 2021, we noticed a gray, very young, female kitten under my partner’s truck. We fed her & my roommate eventually decided to bring her inside & ultimately adopt her. Within a couple of months, she became pregnant & gave birth to 6 healthy kittens in May 2021. We found loving homes for all 6 kittens luckily.

    This experience has made me notice all of the stray/feral cats who roam my backyard & adjacent neighbors yards. There are 10+ cats that I see frequently.

    What can I do to help them?

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